2D Creative Thinking Project 3 Evaluation

  • I think my final logo has had a lot of thought to it and it works very well.
  • If I were to improve it I would make it wider.
  • What I didn’t like about this project was having to come up with lots of designs.
  • What I did like about this project was the freedom to come up with any style of logo I wanted to create.
  • I felt like I did not spend enough time on this project. If I spent more time I think I could have come up with some different versions of my final logo.

Digitally Made Logo


This is my logo for the charity, British Legion. When I created this I tried to improve the shape of the design as it looked stretched. I like that this design is simple and noticeable to the real charity. In my logo you can pinpoint what it could relate to unlike the original which doesn’t without background knowledge. If I were to improve this logo I would make it wider as it still looks a bit stretched.

Final Photograph and Practice Photographs

Practice Photograph 1


The View

This Photograph is of a darkened classroom. The desk is placed specifically so the light from the window shines on it. The shine also makes a reflection so it looks like there are two bars on the window. This suggests that school is like a prison and inescapable which is what I tried to achieve. The light also shows great texture in the wood. The photograph was took at the UCM grounds in a classroom, on Monday, 27th February 2017. In reality the photograph doesn’t capture a particular moment in time but, in the meaning of the image, it suggests it’s in a dark, dwelling prison. The focal point in this image is the bright light source of the window and the shine on the table.

The reason I chose squeaking floor boards as my sound effect is because there are a lot of wooden objects in the photograph.

 Photograph 2


Floyd Tree

This Photograph is of a pink tree in a park. I have purposely taken this photograph at an angle so it appears it is lonely. The tree and surrounding environment is resting peacefully in the park with only few man-made objects in sight. The photograph was took at Nobles Park in Douglas on Tuesday, 21st March. The image captures a moment in time where the world is a quiet, natural place. The focal point in the image is the pink tree in the centre as it is the only thing in the photograph that is a certain colour. The lighting used in this image is natural light and the colours all appear to be warm and light.

I used a chirping sound effect because they are a common sound in a park and  it is a natural sound like many other things in the photograph.

Here are some more photographs I took.

The Final Photograph


Welcome Home

This photograph is of a wooden chair on a roof in the middle of nowhere at the coast. The only thing that is happening in the image is time moving forward and the waves crashing on the beach. The photo was taken on Tuesday, 26th March at Port Sodderick beach. The photograph captures a moment in time where everything is empty, lost and forgotten. The focal point is the chair because it is in the centre of the photo and because it is in an unusual place. The lighting is quiet dark but there are some light places like the pillars. The image is in black and white because I wanted to make it look nostalgic.

I used a wave sound effect because it adds to the tranquil scenery I tried to create.

What Inspired me for this Animation

For my animation project I will be basing it on a 1950’s style. The following videos have given me inspiration on how to develop it and keep it in that retro fashion.

The video is only relevant til 1:36. The advertisement at the beginning has a great environment which is what I’m looking into doing for my own piece of work. More specifically, the music, colour and cartoon.

This video has common 1950’s style art; sharp, basic, little detailed shapes. It’s most notable in the drawings of the vehicles from 0:05 to 0:20.

This video would be perfect if I were to audience it to children. It’s very basic and simplified. It contains illustrations to help children understand the more complex ideas, but it also does for the things that stereotypical children love, like cookies.

The Pipboy 3000 advertisement is another good example if my animation was for children.

Having an abbreviation in my animation will help the audience remember the information that was told. I have planned to go with this idea.

This video has a strong 1950’s image. If I were to base my project on this, taking away the smoking likeness would be very advisable and appropriate.

This has basic cartoon designs which is common for 1950’s cartoons.

Here is another abbreviation video.

The music in this video is what I’m looking at for my own animation.

This video is only relevant til 0:30. The video gives the 1950’s horror identity. This is an idea I could follow up on.

I like the designs of characters and their clothing in this video. It is a 1950’s style which is what I’m looking for.

In these 7 videos it is a much more detailed way of using the abbreviation concept.

This video also has cartoons I’m interested in.

Charity Logo Research

This is the Greenpeace logo. It is a symbol logo and it is very sophisticated as the world is literally in someone’s hand. This suggests that the charity is a caring one. There is only two colours used in the logo which are green and white. The logo is green because that is the natural colour of Earth.

This is P.E.T.A.’s logo which is a symbol logo. The logo immediately tells us what the charity relates to through illustration. P.E.T.A. aims to prevent animals from suffering. The colours used in this logo are a harmonious blue and white.

This is Amnesty International’s logo. It is a symbol logo which suggests isolation because of the barbed wire. It also suggests loneliness as the logo contains a small lit candle. The colours used are contrasting colours which are black and yellow. Black suggests darkness and yellow suggest lightness.

This is the Manx Blind Welfare Society’s logo and it is a symbol logo. It is a logo that works very well and is very clear to what the charity is about as the logo contains an eye and the charity is about blind welfare. The colours used are black and pink.

This is the Crossroads Care logo. It is a name logo


This is the Isle of Man Hospice logo. It’s a name and symbol logo

This is the British Red Cross logo and it is a name and symbol one.

This is Help for Heroes’ logo. It’s a name and symbol logo

This is Oxfam’s logo and it is a symbol logo only.

This logo belongs to the M.S.P.C.A. and is a name and symbol logo.

This is the W.W.F. logo which is a symbol logo

The is The Royal British Legion logo. It is a name and symbol logo and the logo suggests the charity is formal and sophisticated as it uses a serif font. The symbol is also a famous idea. The reason the logo is a poppy is because it was the first thing that grew back after the many bombs and explosives that went off in no man’s land during WW I. The colours used are blue, red and white.

This is WaterAid’s logo which is a name and symbol one. It is basic but it works as the the image is a water droplet and the text “Aid” is in blue, representing water and what they do, which is aid people with clean, safe water. The colours used are blue, which is used very effectively, and black.

This is the Salvation Army logo and it is a name and symbol one.  It is a traditional logo as it is a badge but the Salvation Army his military influences. The text is also in a sans serif font to take the formality down as it’s not an actually army, they want to be friendly to the people they help. The letters being in caps could also suggest the amount of seriousness that the charity aims to do.


This logo belongs to Save the Children and it is a symbol logo.

Charity Animation

The web page that I animated was Child’s Play Charity’s.

picture2The first thing I animated was an advertisement for the page which Child’s Play sponsors. I added a green rectangular shape which went from top to bottom.


In order for me to do that I had to make the shape a symbol. To do that I went to ‘Modify’ and ‘Convert to Symbol.’ This allowed me to edit how the shape interacts.


Once the shape was a symbol I created a classic tween to make the shape move.


These are the frames that are in my animation. To make the rectangle move, on one frame I scaled the shape to be small and on the top and then on a later frame I scaled it to be larger and move to the bottom. Between those frames is where I added the classic tween.


The second thing I animated was fading in images and text. I made each image and text box a symbol and edited the tint of them. It was a similar process to the rectangular shape. On one frame I made the tint 0%, which is invisible and on a later frame the tint was 100%. I added a classic tween between those frames. I had each fade in at different times to make it more sophisticated.


Here is the animation at the end with everything on screen.


Here is my finished animation.

My Chosen Charity Research

Who my Charity is


The charity I have chosen for my animation project is Child’s Play Charity which specialises in improving the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters by introducing them to the gaming industry and allowing them to play video games. By authorising this opportunity, the charity’s aim is to make these games help the mood of the children they help in a positive way, and to distract them from their unpleasant experience.

The methods Child’s Play use to appeal to the public is setting up a gift wish list full of video games, toys, books, and other fun stuff for kids. On their map the public can click on one of their hospitals and view that hospital’s list and send a gift. On their home page you can view how much money has been donated, this may encourage other people to donate as they presume a charity with that much money must be successful. Other ways is the option to apply to make a Network Domestic Violence Support Facility and to a Network Hospital. How Child’s Play spreads the word that they exist is through press information. They raise awareness through local, student, or online media outlets, mainly in America.


The current slogan for Child’s Play is Gamers Giving Back.

The slogans I have created are:

Helps the Game of Life

XP for Kids

Lifelong HP to Children