Presentation Research

My presentation will based on the three styles of photography which were covered during the On Location project. The styles are realism, expressionism and formalist.

The Unseen Beatles: Photographs by Bob Whitaker


The book, The Unseen Beatles: Photographs by Bob Whitaker contains rare photographs of the Beatles during tours and out on photo shoots. The photographs I have picked are from Chiswick House, London, and were taken on 20th May 1966, where the band were filming a promotional video for Paperback Writer/Rain, their upcoming single. What I like about the photographs are the composition of the band mates, especially Ringo Starr as he is just leaning in the background. The low down perspective of the photos and the gap left so Starr is visible are interesting.

Whitaker, R., Harrison, G., Harrison, M., Koger, M., Lennon, J., McCartney, P., Sharp, M. and Starr, R. (1991). The unseen Beatles. London: Conran Octopus.


 This book has lot’s of formalist photography with typography elements like unusual photos of signs from strange angles.

Godwin, F. (1990). Our forbidden land. London: Cape.


Townsend, C. (1998). Vile bodies. Munich: Prestel in association with Channel Four Corporation.


Frank, R. (1996). Flamingo. New York: Scalo.


Frank, R. (2010). Black, white and things. Göttingen: Steidl.


Arbus, D. and Arbus, D. (2012). Diane Arbus, an aperture monograph. New York, NY: Aperture Foundation.

Ross Halfin

Ross Halfin Photography. (2017). Welcome. [online] Available at: [Accessed 27 Nov. 2017].

Mick Rock

David Bailey

Storm Thorgerson

Tom Sheehan—band?excludenudity=true&family=editorial&mediatype=photography&phrase=the%20sisters%20of%20mercy%20-%20band&sort=mostpopular



An ident is a short sequence mainly on television which identifies the channel, usually with their logo. The idents that I have looked at are predominately from British television channels.

The BBC 1 ident’s main feature is the circular shapes around the text. The ident is likely to be circular so it does not seem threatening.

The BBC 2 ident’s main feature is the shape of the number two cut out.

hqdefault (1)

The ITV 1 ident’s main feature is the colour yellow. They likely use one colour so when people flick through channels they’ll know when they see yellow it’ll be ITV 1.

The Channel 4 ident’s main feature is creating a pattern within the environment, which I think works really well.

DPI in Photoshop

I produced 3 quick black and white logos with a resolution of 72 dots per inch. The logos were created following my own identity. The logos I made were based on mystical and ancient structures and weapons.


This logo was created trying to capture the image of war. It features two arrows crossed over each other.


With this logo I tried to capture strength by drawing a sword in a rock.


With this logo I tried to create something powerful and magical, so I made an orb.


Then I produced 3 more quick logos with a resolution of 300 DPI.


This logo is of a castle door where I tried to capture secureness. To show that I kept the doors closed. If they were open it would not work as I think that feels welcoming.


This logo is supposed to show a castle logo in the most basic way possible. I thought that the castle walls would show that the most because of the common structure.


In this logo I tried to make a basic sword which is supposed to represent power. I think a showing that with a sword works very well because swords are strong mighty weapons.

Dpi recap (optional video) if you weren’t sure on anything covered in the first 2
Using the concepts covered in those videos you need to create 3 small pieces of work (15mins each). Choose 3 of the 12 sketches you did as homework (the iconic images/objects that you might include in a logo). For each of your selected 3 images; –
produce a quick, simple black and white digital logo (don’t worry about making them pretty) -use the brush tool ONLY (you will need to change the brush size) -each image is to be 1inch square -the first image must be 72dpi, the second 150dpi and the last 300dpi
If you are struggling with finishing your QUICK logos you need to move one. Learning about vector Vectors (pen tool) in photoshop I’d now like you to try making a vector version of another of your 12 images (1inch square, 150dpi)