Texture Paintings



Shape Theory

Shape theory is adding emotion and character into shapes by the way they look.


This is a shape theory image of three birds attacking an person. I only used three colours which are black, red and white. The character of the dot is a representation of an innocent, vulnerable person, while the essence of the birds are a representation of aggression. What made these effective representations are the fact that they are simple shapes and avoids realistic body parts.


What specific elements in this situation evoke strong feelings in me? How can I accentuate these?

What feeling do I want to evoke with this picture? What principles might I use to do this?

Write a paragraph about how you can see shape theory impacting on other media outcomes, such as advertising and animation.

Animation Character Designs

For my animation I have partnered with Corey.

Me and Corey sat down together and discussed ideas and decided to continue with the Peanuts based idea. We then designed some characters following that.

cardboardtexture 3

Here are some sketches of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock which we will be basing our characters on. I decided to draw the original characters to help me spot the detail and the simplicity.


Here are our characters that we created. I created the dog, bird and the lead, and Corey created the boy character. We named our characters Joe (The boy), Bark (The dog) and Peck (The Bird). The names are a little bit of detail I like and brings life to them. They have certain names so it follows the idea of simplicity. All the characters have one frame except Bark because we wanted to keep the animation simple, we also believed it would be interesting. Bark had another frame to show his mischievous personality. His sitting down frame shows his good side and his running frame shows his bad, his cheeky smile shows his personality well. Corey came up with the idea to have a white border around the characters to express the straightforwardness, he also came up with the idea to make Joe an innocent character as it is an opposite to Bark; it also creates a conflict between the characters. Joe is waving and has his other hand in his pocket to show his personality. Peck was then made into a neutral character so he is a balance between both characters, however we made him more lenient towards Bark.

Product Analysis

Childs Toy


This is an original 1980s Lego mini figure which has blue and yellow colours. The theme of this product is space and it is aimed at children.

Health Product


This is a healthy drink product which has a summer theme to it as it has tropical fruits. It has warm colours. The font is lowercase and in a sans serif font. The audience is aimed at young people and people looking to keep healthy.

High Value Product


This is a high value watch which has an elegant theme to it. It has a serif font on the label and the audience are rich people. The product has dark colours – black and grey.

Cheap Cleaning Product


This is a cheap household cleaning product which has light shaded colours of blue, and white. It has a sans serif font and a neutral audience.