Video Research

These photographs were taken to help develop my ideas and whether I should use a crumbling building for my video project.



An ident is a short sequence mainly on television which identifies the channel, usually with their logo. The idents that I have looked at are predominately from British television channels.

The BBC 1 ident’s main feature is the circular shapes around the text. The ident is likely to be circular so it does not seem threatening.

The BBC 2 ident’s main feature is the shape of the number two cut out.

hqdefault (1)

The ITV 1 ident’s main feature is the colour yellow. They likely use one colour so when people flick through channels they’ll know when they see yellow it’ll be ITV 1.

The Channel 4 ident’s main feature is creating a pattern within the environment, which I think works really well.

Video Ideas

Here are some ideas for my title sequence which I will be creating for my video project. The sequence will feature my name interacting with objects which relate to my hobbies or my personality. These are my ideas:

  • My name firing out of a gun, or bullets destroying my name with bullet holes left behind.
  • My name being hit with drum sticks on the kit and bouncing around.
  • My name on a tombstone and falls backwards.
  • My name vibrating and moving about because of a guitar amp.
  • My name on a guitar pick and plays a song.
  • My name in the shape of a guitar and moves about. I may use a different instrument or multiple.
  • My name appears as footprints as people pass by.
  • My name crumbles like a falling down house.
  • My name appears on multiple doors and windows as they open. Each individual letter of my name will appear on them.

Openings With Text

Some television shows and films use text as an art form to connect with the audience and connect with the meaning of the show or film.

Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous is a show which is a throw back to the psychedelic era which is why there are lots of bright flashing colours. The text spins, moves side to side, and up and down.


Lost is a show set on a mysterious island which is why the opening is so eerie and creepy. The text slowly rotates and zooms in.

Star Wars IV

Star Wars is a film series that is a battle between good and evil with exhilarating battles which is why the text is so big. The text bursts onto the screen and slowly zooms out and slides.