As lost as Alice. As mad as the Hatter.



An ident is a short sequence mainly on television which identifies the channel, usually with their logo. The idents that I have looked at are predominately from British television channels.

The BBC 1 ident’s main feature is the circular shapes around the text. The ident is likely to be circular so it does not seem threatening.

The BBC 2 ident’s main feature is the shape of the number two cut out.

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The ITV 1 ident’s main feature is the colour yellow. They likely use one colour so when people flick through channels they’ll know when they see yellow it’ll be ITV 1.

The Channel 4 ident’s main feature is creating a pattern within the environment, which I think works really well.

Video Ideas

Here are some ideas for my title sequence which I will be creating for my video project. The sequence will feature my name interacting with objects which relate to my hobbies or my personality. These are my ideas:

  • My name firing out of a gun, or bullets destroying my name with bullet holes left behind.
  • My name being hit with drum sticks on the kit and bouncing around.
  • My name on a tombstone and falls backwards.
  • My name vibrating and moving about because of a guitar amp.
  • My name on a guitar pick and plays a song.
  • My name in the shape of a guitar and moves about. I may use a different instrument or multiple.
  • My name appears as footprints as people pass by.
  • My name crumbles like a falling down house.
  • My name appears on multiple doors and windows as they open. Each individual letter of my name will appear on them.