Video Project 3 Evaluation

  • I think the end of the project didn’t go well.
  • If I were to improve I would try to get a finished video.
  • I did not spend enough time on this project.
  • What I liked about this project was that I could create any video I liked to do with the charity.

Video Project 2 Evaluation

  • I think my final video is very good
  • If I were to change my final video I would have used more clips of myself and Liam free running so my video wouldn’t seem repetitive
  • I am happy with designs because I think they really helped contribute to my final video. Instead of using Motion, I decided to use Final Cut Pro.
  • I think I may have took too long on my video as it’s a few minutes long but the effort I put into it paid off
  • What I liked about this project was that I was able to use a program I was familiar with to create my video
  • What I didn’t like about this project was same with the first project, using the camera equipment. Though this time I used my phone camera, which I can use well
  • If I were to do this project again I would get more footage

Video Project 1 Evaluation

I think my final video was very poorly designed. If I were to change my final video I would make it a lot more creative and I would spend a lot more time on it. I am not happy with my end result but I am happy with my designs, especially the shoe idea. I think my analysis of the work was not good but some of it, like the shoe idea was constructed well. I think I did not spend enough time working on this video. What I liked about this project was that I could create a shoe into something food related. What I didn’t like about this project was the equipment and programs used to create these videos. I struggled a lot with Motion, which was the video editing program and the cameras to which we filmed the backgrounds from. It was the very first time I dealt with things like this. Another issue was that I lost some of my own recordings for my video. If I were to do it again, I would try and get to know and understand the equipment a lot more before starting to use them and I would spend a lot more time doing it. I may also try and use simpler equipment and programs. I think my final video did not work. The video is very short and not interesting at all; also my shoe idea is not in it.

Final Video

For my final video I decided to create it in Final Cut Pro. I used the same song as I did in my practice video. This time, instead of using the video of the trailer and the small clip of myself, I filmed myself doing parkour in the college hall. I also had Jac and Kieran doing their dancing. But this time I really wanted to put the effort into making this an exciting video, so I went out and filmed myself and my friend Liam doing parkour at the Villa Marina, Douglas Promenade and The Ellen Vannin Gym.

To add text to the video I went to the titles menu and selected which style I wanted. In this case I used Assembler. To the upper right hand side is where I can edit the text, font, size of the text and it’s position. I can also change the length of how long the text is on the screen. I can adjust this on the timeline by dragging the event to the left to make it shorter and to the right to make it longer.


In the effects menu I added graphic in the stylise category. This effect makes the picture black and white. I can edit how much white and how much black is in it with the Amount and Pivot sliders. The image below the effects menu shows the effect it has on my video.


For the music video I made it transparent so more than one video can be seen at the same time. I had the music video playing while the parkour videos were playing. I made it transparent by changing the Blend Mode to Multiply.


For outdoor videos I had to change the multiply level to 50% so both the music video and outdoor video was visible.


For indoor videos I had the multiply level at 70%.

Here is my final video


Video Practice

This is a practice video I did for this project made on Motion. In this video I decided to use a trailer from an upcoming game I liked, called Red Dead Redemption 2, and put it together with a song that I liked, Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones. I also add a video clip of myself.

I used many techniques from using Multiply to editing the sound levels.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 13.07.12.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 13.10.22.png

In the clip of myself I used colourise and threshold to make it effective.

Video Shot List

Ideas for my video which represent me.

  1. Xbox – to develop this idea I could film the start light, the disc tray opening/closing or the controller vibrating
  2. Free running – I can film myself from side doing simple vaults/kongs
  3. Music – Film my radio/CD’s
  4. Drawings – Filming of me drawing, or painting etc, quick time filming
  5. Lego – Building lego, quick time filming