Sound Project 2 Evaluation

  • I think my final recordings are poor
  • If I were to change the final recordings i would make them a lot clearer
  • I am not happy with the final result
  • I think  did not spend enough time on the project
  • What I liked about this project was being able to record whatever i wanted and not being restricted to what i could do
  • What I didn’t like was the program used to edit the recordings
  • If I were to do this project again I would gather more research and more recordings and try and work out how to use the program more efficiently

Sound Project 1 Evaluation

The final design for this project was not very good. If I were to change the final design I would spend a lot more time trying to understand the program used. I am not happy with my end result but I am with the designs. I think the script I created was very good and suited the video the entire class created. I think I took the right amount of time to create the end result. What I like about this project was creating the video and what I didn’t like was the program used to edit the video. I think my final video did work out but was not very effective.

Events and how I can Make them into Sound

These are events that have happened in my life.

  • First job
  • Finding religion
  • Winning/losing
  • Holiday
  • Relationships/first love
  • Promotion/success
  • Learning experience
  • Childhood experience
  • First house
  • Video games
  • Favourite bands

Sounds I could create for winning/losing is cheering and applause.

I could make video games into sound by creating shooting, button/keyboard or console sound effects.

Xbox One startup sound effect.

Shooting sound effects.

Keyboard sound effects.

To create sound for bands is simple. I would just play my favourite songs from each band.

Def Leppard Let’s get Rocked

AC/DC Thunderstruck

Guns N’ Roses Don’t Cry

Metallica Enter Sandman

Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven

There are 4 types of sound that I have covered in lesson

  1. Wild track (background) – Also known as wild sound and wild lines, is an audio recording intended to be synchronised with film or video but recored separately.
  2. Hit points – Precision sounds. Matched up to video
  3. Incidental – Incidental music is often background music, and is intended to add atmosphere to the action. It may take the form of something as simple as a low, ominous tone suggesting an impending startling event or to enhance the depiction of a story-advancing sequence. It may also include pieces such as overtures, music played during scene changes, or at the end of an act, immediately preceding an interlude, as was customary with several nineteenth-century plays. It may also be required in plays that have musicians performing on-stage.
  4. Diegetic/ non-diegetic –  Sound is called diegetic when its source is visible or implied in the world of the film. Common diegetic sounds present in most films are:
    • actors speaking to each other (dialogue)
    • sounds originating from any object on the screen, like footsteps and police sirens
    • music that comes from a sound system or orchestra
    Sound is said to be non-diegetic when its source is not present or implied in the narrative universe. Common instances are:
    • music or score, used to augment emotions
    • actor’s commentary or narration
    • any extra sound added for effect

Monologue Script

The Surgeon

“Let’s see what we’ve got here…”

“…Ooh! How exciting!”

“Fresh meat!”

“Let’s get those juicy insides out with my hammer.”

(Pulls out brains)


“Ugh, we’ve got a tough one here…”


“…There we go.”

“Now for something special, hehehe!”

“Bone Snapping!”

“Left arm or right arm, hmm?”

“Left arm!”


(Snaps arm)

“Marvellous, just marvellous. Mwah ha ha haa!”

What we did to Create a Ritual

We used the food to recreate sounds of a ritual. The spaghetti was used for intestines, the water melon was used as brain juice. The camera was on a tripod and it filmed everything in front of a white sheet so a shadow performance could be made. The performance was behind the sheet, where the handy recorders and lighting was.


Camera, handy recorder, celery, tomatoes, spaghetti, water melons, cucumbers, lettus, peaches, kiwi, hammer, chizel and lamps.