As lost as Alice. As mad as the Hatter.


The Element Textures



To represent air I thought smoke would be a good idea as it rises through it.



For earth textures, I thought the dirt in the ground would be good.


Another idea was to take photographs of greenery as this is what naturally grows on earth and that it’s also one of the most common colours associated with it.


This is a photograph of some dead leaves. Life comes from earth and rises, and when it dies it falls back down again, that is why I thought autumn leaves would be interesting.


This is a leaf from a bush. I really like the lighting in this photo.


This photo is of tree bark and represents earth as trees are one of the most things that grow on earth.


This is another photo of tree bark which I like.


This is the centre of a tree which looks like it is its heart. I like the central composition.



This photo is of a lighter flame in the darkness. I really like the glow that has been created with the background.


This photo is of a bonfire and what I like about this image is how dark it is. I think the trees in the foreground blend well with it.



I like the ripples of the water.


I really like the detail of the rushing water and its composition.


I really like the reflection of the still water.

Digital Illustration Textures

For my primary evidence I have been recording textures I have found in the environment. Here are some photographs of clouds I took in Liverpool. I was also asked to take a photo of a white shirt. Additionally present are textures I found when I went to Castletown, and exploring Douglas.

Cloud Textures

I took this photograph next to the Liver Birds.

I took this photograph in the central area.

The shape this cloud makes is long.

The shape this cloud makes has simple curves.

I took this photograph at the church. The shape this cloud creates is very complex.

White Shirt


This is my photo of a white shirt which I took at the Beyond Dredd exhibition.

Castletown Textures


This is a photograph of a fence along the harbour. I really like the texture of the peeling paint.

This is of the end of a railing. I like the use of symmetry and the cracks in the paint.

This is a photo of a bar. This photo makes a captivating use of the rule of pattern.

This photograph is of the pathed floor in the town square. I have used symmetry and patterns in this image.


This photo was taken at Scarlet Beach. I like the different colours of stones mixed together, and how it only takes up some of the frame.


In Douglas, I took more photographs of textures and patterns in nature.

These are experimenting textures with grass and trees.

These are experiments with stonework.

These are experiments with patterns found in nature.

These are some other interesting composed texture photos.

Iconic Liverpool Photographs

In Liverpool, I took some photos of things that interested me or what I thought was iconic.

My first iconic Liverpool photograph is of the Liver Birds, which is one of the first things you notice as you get of the boat.

This photograph is of one of the streets in the central area. I thought it was very interesting and artistic. It was the only street in Liverpool which looked like that so I thought it was iconic.

This photo is of the cathedral. It has a very interesting and creative structure.

This photograph is of a Queen Victoria monument outside the courts. It looks very old and powerful.