Self Portrait Photographs

Gothic Photograph 1




Gothic Photograph 2


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Crazy Photograph 1


Crazy Photograph 2


Crazy Photograph 3


Crazy Photograph 4


Crazy Photograph 5


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Photography Ideas

For my photography project exploring portraiture of myself and others, I have thought about the way I dress and act as the formula for expressing myself. The subject I will take photos of will also have this projected onto them, whether their personality is the same or not. However, I have also considered working with other peoples personalities and transforming it with mine, but I think that would not seem original, and would not feel belonging to me.

The styles of fashion and personalities I am thinking of expressing are:

  • Gothic
  • Punk
  • Psychedelic
  • Rock
  • Crazy
  • Power
  • Calm
  • Grunge
  • Smoking
  • Musical
  • Unique

Here are some images that help define the styles I would like to express.

Long Exposure and Studio Lit Photography

As a group we all discovered and participated in many forms of long exposure photography along with studio lighting. This allowed us to experiment and create interesting pieces of photography.

Long Exposure

Long exposure photography involves using a long shutter speed where is captures the moving focal points by a trail. By doing this it sharpens the still life, and together can create photography with beautiful blends and creativity.


This photograph was created by using torches and spinning on a chair to create a Christmas tree. The shutter speed was 6 seconds and the lights were produced by Brad. I think this photograph is creative.


This photograph is a lot more complex as timing is key. Once the photograph starts to take with a 8 second shutter speed. The subject, Corey, sits in the first position. The flash is then immediately hit. Corey then moves to the second position on the left. The flash is then hit again. Then finally, the torch is dragged along which was done by Neeson.


This photograph features Jack and the long exposure makes it look like he has wings. The photograph was taken with an 8 second shutter speed, followed by the immediate flash, then the torch was drawn to create the wings. I like this photograph because it is creative and amusing.

Studio Lighting

Using studio lighting in photography gives control of the lighting with position, direction and strength. We looked at hard light, soft light and reflective light. Hard light is stronger and has sharper edges on shadows. When soft light is used the shadows are absent or barely visible. We used reflective light with a light box and a poly board. The light reflected off the poly board from the light box onto the subject’s face. This allowed both sides of the face to be lit with only using one light source. In each example below, Brad was the model and the photograph was taken by Alice.


This is my favourite photo because I think the circular light is very controlled and makes you wonder.

Taylor Wessing Photographic Competition Research

NPG Gallery Record - Exhibition Image – Digital Copy

Margarita Teichroeb by Jordi Ruiz Cirera, 2017

This photograph is of a woman sitting on her own in a kitchen who looks to be concentrating. The placement of her hand and her slightly raised eyebrows suggest this. The composition of this photo is the rule of space and simplification as the woman is placed in the centre of the image and the background is blurred. The lighting is coming from the back of the photo and is natural. The background is blurred so all attention is focused on the woman. What I like about this photo is the colours as they look washed out, but it has a bold appearance like the background with the contrasting yellow and blue. The red of the woman’s dress is also the same colour as her cheeks.


Surfland by Joni Sternbach, 2016

This photograph is of a couple on a beach who have just been surfing. The couple are centrally composed and the image is simplified, also there is a slight triangular shape formed. The lighting used in this photograph is natural and looks to be strongly coming from the right. The background of the photo is blurred so attention is on the couple and the surfboard. What I like about this image is how it looks old, particularly the fashion, such at the long hair and the cardigan with the low waist jeans, but it was taken recently. The photo looks very strong, which the order of the focal points help as it looks like a triangle. The man in the middle is the top and and the woman and the surfboard are the bottom points.


Jon McCrea by Phil Sharp, 2016

This photograph is of a man emotionlessly smoking and the composition of this photo is cropping and the use of space. This photo looks like it has had studio lighting added to the front of the man’s face with a plain dark background. There are a lot of things I like about this image, one of them being the fact that it goes against the morals society stands for today, as it is expected, distinctly the young, that smoking is harmful and unhealthy. However, it seems that the man does not care as he just stares blankly. Another thing I like about this photo is how the eyes stand out from the rest of the image. It feels like you can read how sad he is feeling. Finally, a thing that I like about this photograph is the strict use of colours. Only a few colours have been used – yellow, white and black, and then there’s the hint of green-blue in his eyes. All the colours match with certain things. The yellow is used for fashion, the black for the background and the white for the cigarette.

taylor-wessing-photographic-prize-2016 (1)

Martha by Sian Davey, 2016

This photograph is of a group of teenagers with a small child out in the woods. The composition of this photo is space and moderately leading the eye towards the young child. It looks as if natural lighting has been used for this photo. The background is all one colour of green but with different shades. The image is relatable to teens as it shows what their life style is like when they are alone, however it is inappropriate for the small child as there is a strong sexual persona. What I like about this photo is the hue because it makes the image look very old when it is not.

David Bailey Photography Research


This photograph is of Oasis singer and guitarist Noel Gallagher who is clearly the focal point. The composition of this photo is prominent and it looks somewhat symmetrical as it is zoomed into his face. Everything in the photograph is focused on his face except his nose which is interesting; the lighting emphasises that. What I like about this photograph is the amount of detail that is shown from his face. He has quite a rough face, especially his bristly beard. It is as if the photographer wants you to read the person. I also think that the photograph was purposely taken in black and white to show character.


This photograph, taken in 1965, is of John Lennon, one of the most famous musicians in history and a founding member of the Beatles. The focal point is Lennon and the composition of this photo is the rule of space where Lennon is centralised. The photo is focused on him but more prominently on his face as it has a different look to the rest of the image. His eyes are closed and his face is very soft which suggests calmness and peace. His clothing being the same colour also suggests a distinctive mind set as we associate colours with feelings. The black clothing suggests power, life and rebirth. This works well with the contrasting background. The image is quite well lit as it was taken in a studio, although there was less lighting on his clothes, likely so it would appear darker.

This photograph was taken in 1982 and it is of popular musician David Bowie who is the main focal point. I like the central composition and the lighting. The hat is placed lightly on his head and it is the darkest thing in the image which is a touch I really like. The hair also works really well with the composition of the hat. The lighting is casted from the side so only half his face is in the  light. A thing I like about this photograph is that he is looking directly into the camera so it gives the impression he is focussing his attention towards the viewer.


This photograph was taken of Rolling Stones member Mick Jagger in 1964 who is centrally composed in the studio lit photo. The focal point is of Jagger’s face and his hood. The eye is drawn to it as the hood surrounds his face tightly, and the texture of the hood is unique to the rest of the photo. His face is also extremely light. The lighting is coming from the top of the photo and is shining on Jagger’s face. This is noticeable as the shadows are pointing downwards from his nose and mouth. I think the main point of this image was to express Mick Jagger’s face to the viewer. What I like about this photo is how he is in a resting position which is very expressive and powerful.

Developed Photographs

These are my developed photographs which followed the style of expressionism, with graffiti, and pattern and symmetry in manmade objects.


This photograph is of some graffiti I found on the college grounds. I took this because it looks very expressive and interesting. I think the photograph turned out well. I think I exposed it for the right amount of time.


This photograph is of some graffiti I found. I like its central composition and also the lines around the image but I think it was not in focus when I took the image.


This photo is of an arrow road sign. I took it as I was looking for symmetrical manmade objects. I like the long exposure to this image.


This is another photo of graffiti I found at college which has an interesting symmetrical composition. I really like the lighting to the right and the darkness. It makes the graffiti look like a balance between good and bad.


This image tells you what to think which is what I like about it. I took this photo of a tree because it particularly captured my interest. It made me think that was what the tree was thinking. This is probably my favourite photograph as the exposure is perfect.


This photo is of a crossing grid which follows my idea of pattern and symmetry in manmade objects. The photo was slightly exposed, but I still think it follows my idea quite well.


I captured this photo of a wall with bits of dried paint on it. This photo is more of an experiment, however the focus and exposure is brilliant.


This photograph is of the same crossing grid, but I used a different technique of development. The splashed brush marks create a very textured photo.

All the photos were developed very similar. I used the number 3 frame and put the enlarger on 52. The red filter was between 6.5 – 8. The photographic paper was exposed for 8.5 seconds after doing a test with different exposures.


The photo above shows the different exposures. The left part was exposed for 3 seconds, the middle for 6 seconds and the right for 12 seconds. I then followed the same steps as I did with the photograms. I put a photo in the developer for 2 minutes, the fixative for 10 seconds and the stopper for 6 minutes. Then in water for 4 minutes. After the 4 minutes I used the squeegee to clean any remains of developer or stopper. For my last photograph, I followed a closely related process, but instead of placing the photos in the liquid, I used a brush with developer liquid and put the photo in the stopper and finally the water.

Photography Film Negatives

I decided to take photographs following the style of expressionism.




I went around the college grounds looking for graffiti as I believe it is very expressive. I also looked for patterns made with manmade objects.

Alexis and Kyle developed my film as I was absent. From previous knowledge, the film should have been developed by putting the film in the film roll ups and putting it in the cylinder. After, the measuring tube should be filled with 300ml of developer liquid, and another with fixative liquid. Both of the liquids should be added to the cylinder and the mixing process should begin. The film strips should then be placed in water and then left to dry. Even though the film got scratched I believe they turned out well.