Mixed Media Evaluation

This project’s mixed media art was based on packaging designs for mugs. I used my research from Liverpool to help

learnt many techniques, and looked at many different examples of stop motion, such as Aardman Animation. Our animation was inspired by the popular cartoon, Peanuts and we produced it on an application called Stop Motion on an iPad. To keep the material stable we used blu tack and a tripod. Me and Corey tried to achieve a simple yet really enjoyable animation. I think we achieved this extremely well as we came up with many ideas on how to perceive it that way. There was keeping the characters in one frame and the delicate thus far effective names of the characters. Additionally, there was the simple background cutout. What I really liked about our animation was how humorous the plot was. What I didn’t like was that the background didn’t take up the frame of the animation. Some improvements would be adding more scenes and showing the names of the characters. Overall, the animation was a success.


Basic Typography and Ideas


Here, I looked at the basics of typography, such as how extended the text is and its case.

cardboardtexture 4

These are six designs I have created following many different styles of typography. My favourites are the two in the middle and the one at the bottom right. I like the left middle one because it effectively uses space so an image can go in the middle. I like the one to the right of that because I like the variety of thickness. Some text is bold and some is thin. I like the bottom right one because the text overlaps each other.


These 3 designs were done with restrictions. I only created designs using condensed and extended text, and capital letters in a sans serif font. My favourite is at the top right as it looks like a banner.


This is an exploded view of the word ‘Liverpool.’ I outlined and reversed the letters which made a pattern.


This is Liverpool condensed from larger text to smaller text, and vice versa.

Product Analysis

Childs Toy


This is an original 1980s Lego mini figure which has blue and yellow colours. The theme of this product is space and it is aimed at children.

Health Product


This is a healthy drink product which has a summer theme to it as it has tropical fruits. It has warm colours. The font is lowercase and in a sans serif font. The audience is aimed at young people and people looking to keep healthy.

High Value Product


This is a high value watch which has an elegant theme to it. It has a serif font on the label and the audience are rich people. The product has dark colours – black and grey.

Cheap Cleaning Product


This is a cheap household cleaning product which has light shaded colours of blue, and white. It has a sans serif font and a neutral audience.