What Inspired me for this Animation

For my animation project I will be basing it on a 1950’s style. The following videos have given me inspiration on how to develop it and keep it in that retro fashion.

The video is only relevant til 1:36. The advertisement at the beginning has a great environment which is what I’m looking into doing for my own piece of work. More specifically, the music, colour and cartoon.

This video has common 1950’s style art; sharp, basic, little detailed shapes. It’s most notable in the drawings of the vehicles from 0:05 to 0:20.

This video would be perfect if I were to audience it to children. It’s very basic and simplified. It contains illustrations to help children understand the more complex ideas, but it also does for the things that stereotypical children love, like cookies.

The Pipboy 3000 advertisement is another good example if my animation was for children.

Having an abbreviation in my animation will help the audience remember the information that was told. I have planned to go with this idea.

This video has a strong 1950’s image. If I were to base my project on this, taking away the smoking likeness would be very advisable and appropriate.

This has basic cartoon designs which is common for 1950’s cartoons.

Here is another abbreviation video.

The music in this video is what I’m looking at for my own animation.

This video is only relevant til 0:30. The video gives the 1950’s horror identity. This is an idea I could follow up on.

I like the designs of characters and their clothing in this video. It is a 1950’s style which is what I’m looking for.

In these 7 videos it is a much more detailed way of using the abbreviation concept.

This video also has cartoons I’m interested in.

Charity Animation

The web page that I animated was Child’s Play Charity’s.

picture2The first thing I animated was an advertisement for the page which Child’s Play sponsors. I added a green rectangular shape which went from top to bottom.


In order for me to do that I had to make the shape a symbol. To do that I went to ‘Modify’ and ‘Convert to Symbol.’ This allowed me to edit how the shape interacts.


Once the shape was a symbol I created a classic tween to make the shape move.


These are the frames that are in my animation. To make the rectangle move, on one frame I scaled the shape to be small and on the top and then on a later frame I scaled it to be larger and move to the bottom. Between those frames is where I added the classic tween.


The second thing I animated was fading in images and text. I made each image and text box a symbol and edited the tint of them. It was a similar process to the rectangular shape. On one frame I made the tint 0%, which is invisible and on a later frame the tint was 100%. I added a classic tween between those frames. I had each fade in at different times to make it more sophisticated.


Here is the animation at the end with everything on screen.


Here is my finished animation.

My Chosen Charity Research

Who my Charity is


The charity I have chosen for my animation project is Child’s Play Charity which specialises in improving the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters by introducing them to the gaming industry and allowing them to play video games. By authorising this opportunity, the charity’s aim is to make these games help the mood of the children they help in a positive way, and to distract them from their unpleasant experience.

The methods Child’s Play use to appeal to the public is setting up a gift wish list full of video games, toys, books, and other fun stuff for kids. On their map the public can click on one of their hospitals and view that hospital’s list and send a gift. On their home page you can view how much money has been donated, this may encourage other people to donate as they presume a charity with that much money must be successful. Other ways is the option to apply to make a Network Domestic Violence Support Facility and to a Network Hospital. How Child’s Play spreads the word that they exist is through press information. They raise awareness through local, student, or online media outlets, mainly in America.


The current slogan for Child’s Play is Gamers Giving Back.

The slogans I have created are:

Helps the Game of Life

XP for Kids

Lifelong HP to Children

Introduction to Slicer Tool and Basic HTML

Here is a photograph of an Audi which I obtained from Pixabay and imported it onto PhotoShop.


To make a selected part of the car a link to a website, I used a tool called the slicer tool to create this.


The part I will make the hyperlink is the wheel of the car which is highlighted in an orange box.


To make a more specific hyperlink area I used the select tool to highlight the wheel in a circular shape.


In the options is where I named the image.


In the URL is where I added the link to the website.


Once that was done I went to ‘File,’ ‘Export,’ then ‘Save for Web (Legacy)’ to make the HTML work.


Here is where I saved the HTML.


By default the format is saved on ‘HTML Only’ but in order for this to work it had to be changed to ‘HTML and Images’.


Here is the finished HTML.


This is where the hyperlink took me when I pressed on the wheel of the car.


To make the wheel of the car move I went to the window tab and selected ‘Timeline.’



Animation Project 2 Evaluation

  • I like my final animation but I think It is a bit basic
  • If I were to change the final animation I would add more to it
  • I am happy with my end result
  • I am happy with my designs
  • I think I didn’t spend enough time working on the animation
  • What I liked about this project was the idea of creating a caricature of myself. I found it fun and creative
  • If I were to do this project again I would gather more research, do more designs and spend a lot more time on the final animation

Animation Project 1 Evaluation

I think my final animation was very good but it was too short. If I were to change it I would make it a lot longer. I am happy with my final animation, it was the first time I had used the program Adobe Animate so I am pleased with what I produced. I am happy with the characters I made. I used a drawing tablet so I could create them how I wanted too, it was also the first time I used a drawing tablet. I think I spent too long creating the sprites instead of actually animating which is probably the reason to why it is short. What I liked about this project was using the drawing tablets and the program used to create the animation. If I were to do this project again I would spend more time animating than creating characters. I think my final animation worked out quite well. Things went where they were supposed to go.

Practise Animation and Screenshots on how I’ve Improved

This is the animation that I practised on before I moved onto my final animation. I created this on Adobe Animate.

This screenshot shows that I’ve made the red circle a symbol. To do that I went to insert then selected new symbol.



This screenshot shows the symbol’s scene. I gave the symbol 6 individual drawn frames. When it comes to the full animation the 6 frames will loop while it moves about.