Animation Evaluation

This project’s animation was based on stop motion, where myself and Corey learnt many techniques, and looked at many different examples of stop motion, such as Aardman Animation. Our animation was inspired by the popular cartoon, Peanuts and we produced it on an application called Stop Motion on an iPad. To keep the material stable we used blu tack and a tripod. Me and Corey tried to achieve a simple yet really enjoyable animation. I think we achieved this extremely well as we came up with many ideas on how to perceive it that way. There was keeping the characters in one frame and the delicate thus far effective names of the characters. Additionally, there was the simple background cutout. What I really liked about our animation was how humorous the plot was. What I didn’t like was that the background didn’t take up the frame of the animation. Some improvements would be adding more scenes and showing the names of the characters. Overall, the animation was a success.


Completed Stop Motion Animation

This is mine and Corey’s finished animation based on the Peanuts cartoon. It features the same characters and background that we designed earlier. We used an application on an iPad called Stop Motion and used a tripod to keep it stable. Additionally, we placed the cutouts on a flat surface and stuck it down so nothing went out of place. Corey took each individual frame while I moved the characters along the background. I think the background worked better with a cutout than a photograph because I felt that the characters could interact with it more. The research helped a lot with this animation as it gave me ideas of techniques to use, such as characters jumping out of the frame and returning somewhere else, like at 5 seconds to 9 seconds, when Joe is looking for Bark and Peck. Keeping things for the animation simple made it very effective and I felt it was original. The most effective thing was probably keeping the characters made out of one frame. What I liked the most about our animation is that it is humorous. To improve the animation, I would zoom in so the background takes up the entire frame. I would also show the names of the characters at the beginning.

Finalising the Animation

For my animation project I have partnered with Corey and we have gone with an animation based on the Peanuts cartoon. We finally decided to go with a mix of my first and second idea and some additions of Corey’s.


Joe is taking Bark on a walk in Liverpool, along with Peck the bird. Before hand, Peck and Bark wanted to roam free so Peck grabs the lead and lets Bark go. They both run away while Joe tries to find them. In the end they end up taking Joe on a walk. Just for a change of heart :).


We decided – instead of using a photograph – we would use a background of the Liverpool skyline, but still keeping it simple. We thought Liverpool would be a better location to base the animation on, because when we were in Liverpool we had a greater chance to cause mischief and misbehave; just like the characters in the animation.


Propp’s Character Theory on The Matrix



Watch a film that you believe to loosely adhere to Propp’s character theory and explain how. Evaluate how the film uses society (Lex Luther/anti hero) to manipulate the theory for today’s audience.

Write up Effects theory and Reception theory.

Give examples of an opening sequence for a child, a teenager, someone middle aged and someone old.

  • The villain (struggles against the hero)
  • The donor(prepares the hero or gives the hero some magical object)
  • The (magical) helper (helps the hero in the quest)
  • The princess (person the hero marries, often sought for during the narrative)
  • The false hero (perceived as good character in beginning but emerges as evil)
  • The dispatcher (character who makes the lack known and sends the hero off)
  • The hero [aka victim/seeker/paladin/winner, reacts to the donor, weds the princess

Basic Typography and Ideas


Here, I looked at the basics of typography, such as how extended the text is and its case.

cardboardtexture 4

These are six designs I have created following many different styles of typography. My favourites are the two in the middle and the one at the bottom right. I like the left middle one because it effectively uses space so an image can go in the middle. I like the one to the right of that because I like the variety of thickness. Some text is bold and some is thin. I like the bottom right one because the text overlaps each other.


These 3 designs were done with restrictions. I only created designs using condensed and extended text, and capital letters in a sans serif font. My favourite is at the top right as it looks like a banner.


This is an exploded view of the word ‘Liverpool.’ I outlined and reversed the letters which made a pattern.


This is Liverpool condensed from larger text to smaller text, and vice versa.

Developed Photographs

These are my developed photographs which followed the style of expressionism, with graffiti, and pattern and symmetry in manmade objects.


This photograph is of some graffiti I found on the college grounds. I took this because it looks very expressive and interesting. I think the photograph turned out well. I think I exposed it for the right amount of time.


This photograph is of some graffiti I found. I like its central composition and also the lines around the image but I think it was not in focus when I took the image.


This photo is of an arrow road sign. I took it as I was looking for symmetrical manmade objects. I like the long exposure to this image.


This is another photo of graffiti I found at college which has an interesting symmetrical composition. I really like the lighting to the right and the darkness. It makes the graffiti look like a balance between good and bad.


This image tells you what to think which is what I like about it. I took this photo of a tree because it particularly captured my interest. It made me think that was what the tree was thinking. This is probably my favourite photograph as the exposure is perfect.


This photo is of a crossing grid which follows my idea of pattern and symmetry in manmade objects. The photo was slightly exposed, but I still think it follows my idea quite well.


I captured this photo of a wall with bits of dried paint on it. This photo is more of an experiment, however the focus and exposure is brilliant.


This photograph is of the same crossing grid, but I used a different technique of development. The splashed brush marks create a very textured photo.

All the photos were developed very similar. I used the number 3 frame and put the enlarger on 52. The red filter was between 6.5 – 8. The photographic paper was exposed for 8.5 seconds after doing a test with different exposures.


The photo above shows the different exposures. The left part was exposed for 3 seconds, the middle for 6 seconds and the right for 12 seconds. I then followed the same steps as I did with the photograms. I put a photo in the developer for 2 minutes, the fixative for 10 seconds and the stopper for 6 minutes. Then in water for 4 minutes. After the 4 minutes I used the squeegee to clean any remains of developer or stopper. For my last photograph, I followed a closely related process, but instead of placing the photos in the liquid, I used a brush with developer liquid and put the photo in the stopper and finally the water.

Photography Film Negatives

I decided to take photographs following the style of expressionism.




I went around the college grounds looking for graffiti as I believe it is very expressive. I also looked for patterns made with manmade objects.

Alexis and Kyle developed my film as I was absent. From previous knowledge, the film should have been developed by putting the film in the film roll ups and putting it in the cylinder. After, the measuring tube should be filled with 300ml of developer liquid, and another with fixative liquid. Both of the liquids should be added to the cylinder and the mixing process should begin. The film strips should then be placed in water and then left to dry. Even though the film got scratched I believe they turned out well.