Final Photograph and Practice Photographs

Practice Photograph 1


The View

This Photograph is of a darkened classroom. The desk is placed specifically so the light from the window shines on it. The shine also makes a reflection so it looks like there are two bars on the window. This suggests that school is like a prison and inescapable which is what I tried to achieve. The light also shows great texture in the wood. The photograph was took at the UCM grounds in a classroom, on Monday, 27th February 2017. In reality the photograph doesn’t capture a particular moment in time but, in the meaning of the image, it suggests it’s in a dark, dwelling prison. The focal point in this image is the bright light source of the window and the shine on the table.

The reason I chose squeaking floor boards as my sound effect is because there are a lot of wooden objects in the photograph.

 Photograph 2


Floyd Tree

This Photograph is of a pink tree in a park. I have purposely taken this photograph at an angle so it appears it is lonely. The tree and surrounding environment is resting peacefully in the park with only few man-made objects in sight. The photograph was took at Nobles Park in Douglas on Tuesday, 21st March. The image captures a moment in time where the world is a quiet, natural place. The focal point in the image is the pink tree in the centre as it is the only thing in the photograph that is a certain colour. The lighting used in this image is natural light and the colours all appear to be warm and light.

I used a chirping sound effect because they are a common sound in a park and  it is a natural sound like many other things in the photograph.

Here are some more photographs I took.

The Final Photograph


Welcome Home

This photograph is of a wooden chair on a roof in the middle of nowhere at the coast. The only thing that is happening in the image is time moving forward and the waves crashing on the beach. The photo was taken on Tuesday, 26th March at Port Sodderick beach. The photograph captures a moment in time where everything is empty, lost and forgotten. The focal point is the chair because it is in the centre of the photo and because it is in an unusual place. The lighting is quiet dark but there are some light places like the pillars. The image is in black and white because I wanted to make it look nostalgic.

I used a wave sound effect because it adds to the tranquil scenery I tried to create.


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