FMP Proposal

Project Title: Free Running Music Video

Section 1: Rationale

Through out the first 7 units I’ve improved a lot in subjects, especially in video where my first video wasn’t very good at all to my second one being a fantastic piece of work. I am sure my next video for this project will be even better. What is more helpful for this project is that my previous video was free running related. From that I can use it as a guide and make major improvements. I aim to produce a longer, less repetitive, and more entertaining video about free running.

Section 2: Project Concept

For this project I aim to make a music video which features free running. I would like to create a music video from one of my favourite artists like Def Leppard or AC DC to the existing audience and perhaps create some new fans that have an interest in free running and/or the song I choose. I would like to film all this at beautiful, scenic places around the island. The video will be entertainment based where the audience can watch with ease. I aim to make accurate, sensible camera actions and film with multiple shots. I will feature myself, and maybe others to bring some variety and joint moves. Resources I will need are a camera, a tripod, and a video-editing programme. YouTube videos will guide me with this project, as will looking at films which feature free running moves like B-13.

Section 3: Evaluation – How are you Going to Record

Every time I add a new post I will add analysis, which describes how I felt about the work and what improvements, I could make. At the conclusion of the project I will do an overall evaluation and add some feedback from other people to see what they thought of it. I will add all my work on my blog in the FMP category or in my logbook. I will document updates with a clearly marked piece of analysis or a new post on my blog or in my logbook.

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)

The research I will need is homemade videos on YouTube, documentary camera techniques, my own practise videos, and potentially filming other performers rather than myself who have more experience. I am also going to look into the history of free running to provide good knowledge of the subject.

FMP Ideas

Music Video

In this idea I would recreate or create a music video from one of my favourite artists to a new audience or to the existing one, but attempt to make huge improvements. Research I would need is existing videos of the artists and other homemade videos created by others. My video may feature some of my interests or the artists.

Short Documentary/Film

In this idea I would make a video about free running and show off the skills and how to improve, and show how to do them. I would also show perfect locations too. My audience would probably be younger people who are interested in the arts. Research I would need is other free running videos and short documentaries which use good camera techniques.

Video Game

This idea would be about my small video game based on games that I’m interested in. Advancing in levels would be determined by general knowledge. My audience would be expert gamers, and the research I would need is general knowledge quizzes, video game making engines and homemade games.

Video Project 3 Evaluation

  • I think the end of the project didn’t go well.
  • If I were to improve I would try to get a finished video.
  • I did not spend enough time on this project.
  • What I liked about this project was that I could create any video I liked to do with the charity.

Photography Project 3 Evaluation

  • I think my final photograph went very well.
  • If I were to improve it I would come up with more variations like having different filters of my photograph and pick one out of them for the final photograph.
  • What I didn’t like about the project was that I could only have one photograph for the end of the project. I would have liked to have more photos as I could show my creativity more.
  • What I did like about this project was the freedom to go out anywhere and take whatever photo I liked.
  • I didn’t spend enough time on this project as I would have liked too.

Graphics Project 3 Evaluation

  • I think my finished wireframe meets my specification well.
  • If I were to improve on it I would come up with more ideas of how I can make it more approachable to younger people.
  • What I didn’t like was that there wasn’t many charities I was interested in so it was hard to come up with one and ideas that would follow up on it
  • What I did like was that I could come up with any design I wanted which I thought suited the charity.
  • I didn’t spend enough time on this project. I could have come up with some more wireframe ideas.

My Charity Wireframe


This is my wireframe created for the charity, British Legion. I used a video so it is quicker and more engaging to teenagers. I used sharing links at the bottom to popular social media sites so it is more likely younger people will get involved. I also used simple navigation on the page so people can access it quicker, and since the younger generation are more likely to use mobile devices, they can use them faster and easier, so I created the site on a mobile platform. What I don’t like about this wireframe is that the text at the top is unclear. Perhaps, if I were to to approach it again I would improve it by making clearer text. I kept to my ideas by keeping the wireframe simple.

British Legion Webpage


The British Legion webpage is an awareness page about the support they give to the families of army veterans and current soldiers. They have the famous poppy appeal which is held on 11th November every year and regularly hold fun raisers.

The colours used on the page are red, white and black. The reason being is because red is the colour of the poppy which they’re known for.

For my page I will present the British Legion to a younger audience, under 18s, and help them understand what the charity is about and what it means, and why it is so respected. To do that I will have the page in a comic book style and use many illustrations.

2D Creative Thinking Project 3 Evaluation

  • I think my final logo has had a lot of thought to it and it works very well.
  • If I were to improve it I would make it wider.
  • What I didn’t like about this project was having to come up with lots of designs.
  • What I did like about this project was the freedom to come up with any style of logo I wanted to create.
  • I felt like I did not spend enough time on this project. If I spent more time I think I could have come up with some different versions of my final logo.