My Charity Wireframe


This is my wireframe created for the charity, British Legion. I used a video so it is quicker and more engaging to teenagers. I used sharing links at the bottom to popular social media sites so it is more likely younger people will get involved. I also used simple navigation on the page so people can access it quicker, and since the younger generation are more likely to use mobile devices, they can use them faster and easier, so I created the site on a mobile platform. What I don’t like about this wireframe is that the text at the top is unclear. Perhaps, if I were to to approach it again I would improve it by making clearer text. I kept to my ideas by keeping the wireframe simple.


British Legion Webpage


The British Legion webpage is an awareness page about the support they give to the families of army veterans and current soldiers. They have the famous poppy appeal which is held on 11th November every year and regularly hold fun raisers.

The colours used on the page are red, white and black. The reason being is because red is the colour of the poppy which they’re known for.

For my page I will present the British Legion to a younger audience, under 18s, and help them understand what the charity is about and what it means, and why it is so respected. To do that I will have the page in a comic book style and use many illustrations.

Digitally Made Logo


This is my logo for the charity, British Legion. When I created this I tried to improve the shape of the design as it looked stretched. I like that this design is simple and noticeable to the real charity. In my logo you can pinpoint what it could relate to unlike the original which doesn’t without background knowledge. If I were to improve this logo I would make it wider as it still looks a bit stretched.

Final Photograph and Practice Photographs

Practice Photograph 1


The View

This Photograph is of a darkened classroom. The desk is placed specifically so the light from the window shines on it. The shine also makes a reflection so it looks like there are two bars on the window. This suggests that school is like a prison and inescapable which is what I tried to achieve. The light also shows great texture in the wood. The photograph was took at the UCM grounds in a classroom, on Monday, 27th February 2017. In reality the photograph doesn’t capture a particular moment in time but, in the meaning of the image, it suggests it’s in a dark, dwelling prison. The focal point in this image is the bright light source of the window and the shine on the table.

The reason I chose squeaking floor boards as my sound effect is because there are a lot of wooden objects in the photograph.

 Photograph 2


Floyd Tree

This Photograph is of a pink tree in a park. I have purposely taken this photograph at an angle so it appears it is lonely. The tree and surrounding environment is resting peacefully in the park with only few man-made objects in sight. The photograph was took at Nobles Park in Douglas on Tuesday, 21st March. The image captures a moment in time where the world is a quiet, natural place. The focal point in the image is the pink tree in the centre as it is the only thing in the photograph that is a certain colour. The lighting used in this image is natural light and the colours all appear to be warm and light.

I used a chirping sound effect because they are a common sound in a park and  it is a natural sound like many other things in the photograph.

Here are some more photographs I took.

The Final Photograph


Welcome Home

This photograph is of a wooden chair on a roof in the middle of nowhere at the coast. The only thing that is happening in the image is time moving forward and the waves crashing on the beach. The photo was taken on Tuesday, 26th March at Port Sodderick beach. The photograph captures a moment in time where everything is empty, lost and forgotten. The focal point is the chair because it is in the centre of the photo and because it is in an unusual place. The lighting is quiet dark but there are some light places like the pillars. The image is in black and white because I wanted to make it look nostalgic.

I used a wave sound effect because it adds to the tranquil scenery I tried to create.

What Inspired me for this Animation

For my animation project I will be basing it on a 1950’s style. The following videos have given me inspiration on how to develop it and keep it in that retro fashion.

The video is only relevant til 1:36. The advertisement at the beginning has a great environment which is what I’m looking into doing for my own piece of work. More specifically, the music, colour and cartoon.

This video has common 1950’s style art; sharp, basic, little detailed shapes. It’s most notable in the drawings of the vehicles from 0:05 to 0:20.

This video would be perfect if I were to audience it to children. It’s very basic and simplified. It contains illustrations to help children understand the more complex ideas, but it also does for the things that stereotypical children love, like cookies.

The Pipboy 3000 advertisement is another good example if my animation was for children.

Having an abbreviation in my animation will help the audience remember the information that was told. I have planned to go with this idea.

This video has a strong 1950’s image. If I were to base my project on this, taking away the smoking likeness would be very advisable and appropriate.

This has basic cartoon designs which is common for 1950’s cartoons.

Here is another abbreviation video.

The music in this video is what I’m looking at for my own animation.

This video is only relevant til 0:30. The video gives the 1950’s horror identity. This is an idea I could follow up on.

I like the designs of characters and their clothing in this video. It is a 1950’s style which is what I’m looking for.

In these 7 videos it is a much more detailed way of using the abbreviation concept.

This video also has cartoons I’m interested in.