My Chosen Charity Research

Who my Charity is


The charity I have chosen for my animation project is Child’s Play Charity which specialises in improving the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters by introducing them to the gaming industry and allowing them to play video games. By authorising this opportunity, the charity’s aim is to make these games help the mood of the children they help in a positive way, and to distract them from their unpleasant experience.

The methods Child’s Play use to appeal to the public is setting up a gift wish list full of video games, toys, books, and other fun stuff for kids. On their map the public can click on one of their hospitals and view that hospital’s list and send a gift. On their home page you can view how much money has been donated, this may encourage other people to donate as they presume a charity with that much money must be successful. Other ways is the option to apply to make a Network Domestic Violence Support Facility and to a Network Hospital. How Child’s Play spreads the word that they exist is through press information. They raise awareness through local, student, or online media outlets, mainly in America.


The current slogan for Child’s Play is Gamers Giving Back.

The slogans I have created are:

Helps the Game of Life

XP for Kids

Lifelong HP to Children


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