Charity Animation

The web page that I animated was Child’s Play Charity’s.

picture2The first thing I animated was an advertisement for the page which Child’s Play sponsors. I added a green rectangular shape which went from top to bottom.


In order for me to do that I had to make the shape a symbol. To do that I went to ‘Modify’ and ‘Convert to Symbol.’ This allowed me to edit how the shape interacts.


Once the shape was a symbol I created a classic tween to make the shape move.


These are the frames that are in my animation. To make the rectangle move, on one frame I scaled the shape to be small and on the top and then on a later frame I scaled it to be larger and move to the bottom. Between those frames is where I added the classic tween.


The second thing I animated was fading in images and text. I made each image and text box a symbol and edited the tint of them. It was a similar process to the rectangular shape. On one frame I made the tint 0%, which is invisible and on a later frame the tint was 100%. I added a classic tween between those frames. I had each fade in at different times to make it more sophisticated.


Here is the animation at the end with everything on screen.


Here is my finished animation.


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