Video Project 1 Evaluation

I think my final video was very poorly designed. If I were to change my final video I would make it a lot more creative and I would spend a lot more time on it. I am not happy with my end result but I am happy with my designs, especially the shoe idea. I think my analysis of the work was not good but some of it, like the shoe idea was constructed well. I think I did not spend enough time working on this video. What I liked about this project was that I could create a shoe into something food related. What I didn’t like about this project was the equipment and programs used to create these videos. I struggled a lot with Motion, which was the video editing program and the cameras to which we filmed the backgrounds from. It was the very first time I dealt with things like this. Another issue was that I lost some of my own recordings for my video. If I were to do it again, I would try and get to know and understand the equipment a lot more before starting to use them and I would spend a lot more time doing it. I may also try and use simpler equipment and programs. I think my final video did not work. The video is very short and not interesting at all; also my shoe idea is not in it.


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