Text as Image Analysis

This text as image photograph was taken by Gillian Wearing in 1992. The title of this photograph is “I like to be in the country” and it is from the book “Signs that Say What You Want Them to Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You to Say.” The photograph has two people in it, a man and a woman, possibly a couple, but that is not clear, standing in what looks like a city. They are both holding a sign. The man’s sign says “I like to be in the country,” which is the photograph’s title, and the woman’s sign says “The last holiday abroad was nice but I can’t afford it.”

The subject in this photograph is the man and woman. The man is wearing a black suit and has a saddened facial expression. The woman is wearing a blue dress and is carrying a bag. She has a saddened and disappointed facial expression.

The image is lit from the natural light around them and the shadows are to the left. The light is harsh. It is clearly visible on the trees and the man’s and woman’s face. No artificial light has been used in this photo. The light source makes the man and woman brighter. It is visible on the woman’s dress.

The man and woman are in focus as the image is supposed to capture their expressions to the signs that they created. The vantage point in this image is at the front of two people in a city and there is a low horizon. The photograph is a portrait. The composition in this photograph is clearly the two people as they are the most important thing in this.






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