Graphics Project 1 Evaluation

I think my final design is very good considering my knowledge of the programs used to create it. If I were to change my final design I would try and work out how to make my business card look a lot more black and white. I am happy with my end result because it is attractable and I am happy with my ideas because I have thought and developed them carefully. I think my analysis of work is good as I have put a lot of thought into making my business card look elegant. I think I spent the right amount of time working on the design. What I like about the project is the developing stage for creating the business card, sticking to one adjective for my design was very fun and allowed my creativeness to express itself more as it had to work a bit harder. What I didn’t like about the project was the program used to create the business card. I have struggled a lot with Photoshop in the past and working on it for my card was difficult for me. I find it to be too complicated. If I were to do it again I would try and get to know how to work Photoshop a lot better. I could write commands down so I can remember how to use it. I think my final design did work out in the end. My business card does look like it was supposed to, elegancy.


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