Logo Mockup

The first thing I edited was the Xbox logo which was already on the controller. I removed that by selecting the rectangular marquee tool and highlighting the area which I wanted to remove. Then I went to transform and changed the scale of the selected area. This meant that I could reshape the area over the logo.

Here are some screenshots of my logo making it look realistic on an object which best suits the logo. I added a duplicate of Layer 0, which was the controller and edited it. With each copy of Layer 0 I added an effect. For example I used screen. With the bottom two screenshots I could change the opacity and the fill. The opacity controls the transparency and the fill changes how much of the selected colour is in the effect. I also added noise to my logo. The noise controls the brightness and colour information in the image.

I had a few ideas, including a t-shirt, laptop and a keyring, but I decided to go with the Xbox One remote because it helps show how my logo is represented as a video game professional. The Xbox One remote is the most popular style of controller for gaming. There are also some screenshots which showed my idea for where my logo could be placed.



That is my final result.


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