I Spy Book Research

This book is called Casino Royale and it was written by Ian Fleming. It is the first novel of the series about the service agent James Bond. The book is set in the contemporary period of the 1950s. The colours used in this cover are interesting. The use of black and it’s shine has made the man on the cover, James Bond, really stand out. The fonts used are serif and condensed, and at the top it is slighty italicized. I chose to research this book because it is very famous and I wanted to use the popular composition of the gun pointing at Bond. I like this cover because of the use of it’s composition has really made Bond stand out. What I don’t like about this cover is where the colour red has been placed on the gun barrel. It has somewhat made the top text unreadable.

The Eagle Has Landed is a book written by Jack Higgins in 1975 and is set during World War Two. The colours used in this cover are dark and gloomy just like time period it is set in. The font used is bold and black. It also looks like it has barbed wire across it and it is possibly the reason to why it is at the top of the book cover as barbed wire is usually placed on the top of walls. The composition of this cover is very clever. The soldiers are landing from their parachutes, which may indeed reference the title of the book, saying that the soldiers are in fact the eagles landing. I decided this book because of how clever everything is, including it’s title. The eagle was a Nazi symbol and this book is set during the time period to which they were most famous.

This book is named the Polish Officer and it was written by Alan Furst and published in 1995. The colours used are very dark and it’s almost completely black. The title is thin, and in white so they are correspondent. The composition of the cover is adequate. The name of the author is bigger than the title of the book, which I do not like, and the the positioning of the two men makes the cover look more like a spy book as they are both hidden in a dark street.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is a very famous novel by the author John le Carré and was published in 1974. The use of red and black colours have been used well so everything is noticeable. The fonts used are big and condensed. The composition of cover is well laid out and it captures the spy image. The man which is the darkest has bright white glasses and it makes it obvious he is an espionage character. The man in red is the target as he is highlighted red, the colour associated as a target, and the darker man is looking at him. Also, he seems to be going in a different direction than anyone else. The huddling of people makes it feel thrilling. I like the silhouettes of the buildings and people. I don’t like how the text has been placed.

Peter Barsocchini wrote the novel based on the popular television series, Mission: Impossible in 1996 and titled it by the same name. The colours used are black and red with a hint of blue. The fonts used are condensed, bold and white with a line cut threw it. The composition is basic. There is one man facing sideways with a plain background. It’s effective because it gives a strong espionage feeling. The man’s face is hidden which implies secrecy. What I like about this cover is how simple but powerful the image is.

Stormbraker is a book in the Alex Rider series written by Anthony Horowitz in 2000. The colours used are white and purple and the text is big and bold in capitals. The composition of the cover has a logo which suggests it’s an agency of espionage. It also has a silhouette of a person which also suggests reconnaissance. What I like about this cover is the quote at the bottom left and what I don’t like is the colour purple used as the background.


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