The Logo History of Google+ and Xbox

Here are the Google+ logo’s. The first Google+ logo had many colours though there was not much detail. What’s good about this logo is that it has simple shapes and there is minimal detail. The second logo is a much better recreation. It had got rid of the multiple colours and it stuck to one, red. What’s good about this is its simplicity and shape. The most recent logo is an even better improvement as it’s more unique and doesn’t have the common google feeling, it makes it feel independent.




Here are the Xbox logo’s. The first Xbox logo was dark and didn’t use colour well. The second one was an improvement, it got rid of the black background, it has a much better composition. The current logo is at its best. It looks very professional and has used colour very well, same with composition.





Text as Image Analysis

This text as image photograph was taken by Gillian Wearing in 1992. The title of this photograph is “I like to be in the country” and it is from the book “Signs that Say What You Want Them to Say and Not Signs that Say What Someone Else Wants You to Say.” The photograph has two people in it, a man and a woman, possibly a couple, but that is not clear, standing in what looks like a city. They are both holding a sign. The man’s sign says “I like to be in the country,” which is the photograph’s title, and the woman’s sign says “The last holiday abroad was nice but I can’t afford it.”

The subject in this photograph is the man and woman. The man is wearing a black suit and has a saddened facial expression. The woman is wearing a blue dress and is carrying a bag. She has a saddened and disappointed facial expression.

The image is lit from the natural light around them and the shadows are to the left. The light is harsh. It is clearly visible on the trees and the man’s and woman’s face. No artificial light has been used in this photo. The light source makes the man and woman brighter. It is visible on the woman’s dress.

The man and woman are in focus as the image is supposed to capture their expressions to the signs that they created. The vantage point in this image is at the front of two people in a city and there is a low horizon. The photograph is a portrait. The composition in this photograph is clearly the two people as they are the most important thing in this.




My Photograph Replications

This is my studio portrait photograph which I replicated. Nadya was the model for my photograph.

  • I managed to recreate the hair and facial expressions well
  • I tried to get the lighting correct but I think I was unsuccessful
  • Some of the shadows are in the correct places, like under the chin
  • I have used artificial light, the same as the photo I replicated
  • My background is different to the original
  • I managed to keep Nadya in focus, the same as the original
  • The vantage point has been replicated correctly
  • This replication is portrait

This is a photo replication of Robert Frank’s famous photograph below.


Final Video

For my final video I decided to create it in Final Cut Pro. I used the same song as I did in my practice video. This time, instead of using the video of the trailer and the small clip of myself, I filmed myself doing parkour in the college hall. I also had Jac and Kieran doing their dancing. But this time I really wanted to put the effort into making this an exciting video, so I went out and filmed myself and my friend Liam doing parkour at the Villa Marina, Douglas Promenade and The Ellen Vannin Gym.

To add text to the video I went to the titles menu and selected which style I wanted. In this case I used Assembler. To the upper right hand side is where I can edit the text, font, size of the text and it’s position. I can also change the length of how long the text is on the screen. I can adjust this on the timeline by dragging the event to the left to make it shorter and to the right to make it longer.


In the effects menu I added graphic in the stylise category. This effect makes the picture black and white. I can edit how much white and how much black is in it with the Amount and Pivot sliders. The image below the effects menu shows the effect it has on my video.


For the music video I made it transparent so more than one video can be seen at the same time. I had the music video playing while the parkour videos were playing. I made it transparent by changing the Blend Mode to Multiply.


For outdoor videos I had to change the multiply level to 50% so both the music video and outdoor video was visible.


For indoor videos I had the multiply level at 70%.

Here is my final video


Video Practice

This is a practice video I did for this project made on Motion. In this video I decided to use a trailer from an upcoming game I liked, called Red Dead Redemption 2, and put it together with a song that I liked, Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones. I also add a video clip of myself.

I used many techniques from using Multiply to editing the sound levels.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 13.07.12.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 13.10.22.png

In the clip of myself I used colourise and threshold to make it effective.

Logo Mockup

The first thing I edited was the Xbox logo which was already on the controller. I removed that by selecting the rectangular marquee tool and highlighting the area which I wanted to remove. Then I went to transform and changed the scale of the selected area. This meant that I could reshape the area over the logo.

Here are some screenshots of my logo making it look realistic on an object which best suits the logo. I added a duplicate of Layer 0, which was the controller and edited it. With each copy of Layer 0 I added an effect. For example I used screen. With the bottom two screenshots I could change the opacity and the fill. The opacity controls the transparency and the fill changes how much of the selected colour is in the effect. I also added noise to my logo. The noise controls the brightness and colour information in the image.

I had a few ideas, including a t-shirt, laptop and a keyring, but I decided to go with the Xbox One remote because it helps show how my logo is represented as a video game professional. The Xbox One remote is the most popular style of controller for gaming. There are also some screenshots which showed my idea for where my logo could be placed.



That is my final result.