Finished Product

This is my finished business card.

Final Business Card.png

I have put an edited researched image onto a photograph of a stand. I have made the background black and white because that is associated as elegant, which my design is based upon. How I made this was by making the bussiness card a smart image.

Here is my photograph which contains my stand.


As you can see, if you look at this compared to the finished design, you will see that I have smoothed out the ground and the wall so it doesn’t look sharp. I have also made the image black and white.

Here is my business card image.


With this image I have made the green very sharp and the soup bright. The bowl has smooth curves.

Here is my bussiness card with it’s text.


The font of the text is hand written and fancy which is seen as elegant. I have ideas about text in my log book.


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I am human MKII. Simple.

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