Final Logo

My final logo is based off Vault Boy from the Fallout franchise, which is a post apocalyptic RPG, but I have changed him to appear more like me. I have made many changes to Vault Boy as my logo is designed to represent myself as a video game professional.


This is the part of Vault Boy which I will be changing.


In this screenshot, it shows me using the pen tool to create the correct shapes. I am tracing over it but not exact. In this example I have changed the size of the face to look more of an excited/shocked expression. I am also tracing it so I can keep the correct proportions.


Here is my finished logo over Vault Boy.


This is my finished logo. The changes include his hair colour, which I have changed to the same colour as mine. His facial expression, which I have changed from a cheeky wink to an excited expression. I have made it excited because I wanted to make the impression that Vault Boy is really enjoying the game from the handheld console. The last change I made was what Vault Boy was doing with his hands. The original had him pulling a thumbs up. In my logo he is holding a handheld console. This gives the impression it is a video game logo.


Anime Expression Chart. This is where I experimented with Vault Boy’s facial expression.


Practise with Vectors

For Graphics our logo had to be created using the pen tool, which makes vectors. On the picture with a tab, the tool must be changed into a shape. The fill changes the colour, and the drop downs change the type of vectors you can do.


I created the letter P using vectors. Then I created another one and inverted it to create the hole in the letter.


I created a vector inside a shape.


In this image I have made a vector with the letter A.


With this vector I put two shapes together.


Original Idea for a Logo

For my original idea I thought about changing the Fallout logo to something similar like the Bethesda logo as the cog around the text looks like the vault doors in fallout. I would replace the text with ‘Fallout’ and maybe change the font. I have a drawing of what I wanted it to look like in my log book.



Fallout 3 font.


Fallout 4 font.