Analysing an Advertisement


The communicators in this advertisement is Specsavers. To somebody new its’s not completely that obvious at first. The logo of the company is at the bottom right and is small. What makes it most obvious that it is Specsavers is that its very catchy slogan is large and bold at the top, which also contains the company’s name and is the most eye catching thing to the reader. The slogan is effectively the most rememberable thing about the company.

Specsavers sells glasses and is an opticians, but in this advert it’s offering something special for customers if they are unable to visit a high street opticians. Specsavers now can do full eye tests at home for these customers with no extra cost.

The demographic characteristics of this advert is its large writing, which interprets that it it is for an older audience who may need glasses. The psycho graphic content has formal, vivid text, possibly for the older generation too.

The gratifications addressed in the advert is more towards the audience then the actual message itself. The partially unnecessary information is way too large and seems more important than the smaller text which is the important information. It’s focused on getting the readers attention more.

There are no non-verbal cues in this advert. it’s all text. The advertisement has used few colours, orange and white backgrounds, and white and black text. It’s used bold black text for the most important information in the advert which is its contact information.

Advert from Woman magazine, 2010.


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