My Photograph Analysis

This Photograph is of an Elder Scrolls necklace and a tree stump, covered in blood. In the image, the necklace is placed specifically on top of the blood to show it’s a meaning of war, death and power. The stump is also absorbing up the blood which adds great texture. The photograph was made at the UCM grounds on a tree, on Tuesday, 27th September. In reality the photograph doesn’t capture a particular moment in time but, in the meaning of the image, it suggests it’s recent to a devastating, destructive, disastrous battle. The focal point in this image is most definitely the necklace, more specifically the pendant. The pendant has a shine, as to the rest of the picture it doesn’t, it’s dull. The pendants composition is used very well, it’s placed in the centre with the negative space being large.2016-2

Skyrim in Blood by Jack Lockerby


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