Diane Arbus’ Photograph Analysis

This photograph is of two dwarfs in vintage Halloween costumes. They are standing still on a rough street, pulling a scary pose. The photograph was made on 110th Street, New York in 1969. As what is shown in the photograph it suggests it’s in Halloween time. The focal point in this image is the two dwarfs as they are the most clear part and are centre framed. There is not much lighting in this photograph. Most of it is dark colours which are the colours of Halloween. There is a variety of dark shades in the image, for example on the costumes. The costumes are filled with different shades of dark colours which deepens the darkness of this image.2016-1

Step into my Attic by Diane Arbus


My Photograph Analysis

This Photograph is of an Elder Scrolls necklace and a tree stump, covered in blood. In the image, the necklace is placed specifically on top of the blood to show it’s a meaning of war, death and power. The stump is also absorbing up the blood which adds great texture. The photograph was made at the UCM grounds on a tree, on Tuesday, 27th September. In reality the photograph doesn’t capture a particular moment in time but, in the meaning of the image, it suggests it’s recent to a devastating, destructive, disastrous battle. The focal point in this image is most definitely the necklace, more specifically the pendant. The pendant has a shine, as to the rest of the picture it doesn’t, it’s dull. The pendants composition is used very well, it’s placed in the centre with the negative space being large.2016-2

Skyrim in Blood by Jack Lockerby